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Digital transformation, an additional challenge for Entrepreneurs

In the ever-changing landscape of current economic, business and create a company has become an aspiration for many. However, the journey of entrepreneurship is full of challenges. In this article, we will discuss the main obstacles faced by the entrepreneurs, the importance of the digital transformation, and will offer you ten concrete steps to overcome these challenges.


Entrepreneurs are often seen as the motorizadores of innovation and change in the society. Through their creativity and determination, create jobs, develop new technologies and contribute to economic growth. But to undertake the task is not easy; it requires courage, tenacity and a great amount of resources.


At the beginning, the entrepreneurs can be confused with the magnitude of responsibilities and decisions that should be taken. This is compounded by the obstacles that arise on the way, as the lack of funding, the competition in the market, and the cultural barriers. In addition, in the information age, the digital transformation has become an essential component to the success of any venture.

The Day-to-Day of the Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur typically facing working hours are long and strenuous, in which you must play multiple roles, from a manager and counter until marketer. In addition, he has to deal with the uncertainty of whether your product or service will be accepted in the market. The pressure comes not only in the business environment, but also of the personal and family life, which is often relegated to a second plane.

Main Challenges

  • Corporate Culture: In some environments, the culture is not conducive to entrepreneurship and it is difficult to find support.
  • Access to Funding: One of the biggest challenges is to get the resources necessary to start and maintain the business.
  • Quality Of Work: Finding and retaining skilled labor can be tricky.
  • Family Acceptance: The lack of understanding or support from the family can create tensions personal.
  • Entrance to Red Oceans: The markets are saturated, or “red oceans”, presented a fierce competition, while the “blue ocean” opportunities in markets little explored.
  • Regulation and Taxes: Navigate through a complex web of laws and regulations is challenging.
  • Education and Training: The lack of required skills and knowledge can be a major obstacle.
  • Digital Transformation: Adapt to new technologies and take advantage of digital tools is crucial in the modern world.

The Importance of Good Web Hosting and Domain

In the digital era, having a presence online is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. This starts with a good domain name and a web hosting reliable. Entrepreneurs must ensure that its website is accessible, fast, and secure. Here is where comes into play offers web hosting and domain subsidized by companies and civil society organizations, which helps emerging businesses to reduce the digital divide and to ensure your online presence. This can be especially beneficial for those with limited resources.

Ten Steps to Address these Challenges

  1. Research the Market: Understands the needs and opportunities in your industry.
  2. Develop a Business Plan: Sets out the objectives, strategies, and prepare a plan to deal with challenges.
  3. Seek Advice: Find mentors and experts that will guide you on your way.
  4. Build a Support Network: Join groups and associations of entrepreneurs.
  5. Learn Continuously: Invest in your education and your team through courses, workshops, and seminars.
  6. Embark on the Digital Transformation: Uses technological tools to improve the efficiency, reach out to your target audience and to adapt to the trends of the market. A good platform for web hosting and domain as it is essential.
  7. Manage your Resources Efficiently: Manage your time and money in a strategic way to maximize productivity and reduce costs.
  8. Fosters a Positive Culture: Set a mission and values are clear in your company in order to motivate and retain your team.
  9. Get ready for the Legality: Stay up to date with regulations, and make sure to comply with all the laws and tax payments.
  10. Evaluate and Adapt: Performs constant monitoring of the performance of your company and don't be afraid to make adjustments and adapt to the changing circumstances.


Entrepreneurship is a journey and challenging but also rewarding. The challenges are immense, but with the proper preparation, and especially to adopt the digital transformation, it is possible to successfully navigate in the turbulent sea of the creation of companies. The road to success requires dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude in the face of challenges. With a clear focus and an unwavering commitment, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and make your vision a reality.

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