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It reveals the Mysteries of the “Email Spoofing” – A Lesson from the Gods of the Hosting!

In the realms of the digital, sometimes the winds divine blow emails that perplex even the most wise. But fear not, because the Gods of the Hosting they are here to enlighten you on the dark art of “email spoofing”.

What is this “email spoofing”?

Imagine, if you will, that a heavenly messenger, write a letter in your name and seal, but with words that you do not recognize. This, dear mortal, is the “email spoofing”. A wile malevolent where crafty usurpers disguised their messages as if they were divine, when in reality they are ill-fated.

For your mind morta... sorry! mortal, to understand:

  • Letters Heavenly: Display receive a message from heaven it seems to be yourself. However, when you break the seal, its content you are outside. This is the “email spoofing”, but on the plane digital.
  • Calls Oraculares: It is as if a god will call from your own number, heavenly, but the answer, listen to the words of a stranger.
  • Temples False: Imagine a temple that bears the name of “Divine Cloud”, but at its core is only selling cotton candy. The exterior dazzles, but the interior disenchanted.

Why are these divine messages reach you?

The malicious emissaries seeking to sow restlessness in your thoughts mortals, driving you to act impulsively. Even if they claim to be logged in to your domains sacred, don't need your passwords divine to carry out the “spoofing”.

How did you manage such a feat?

The “email spoofing” used to be the old protocol of the divine messengers, known as SMTP. This protocol, forged at the dawn of the electronic age, does not examine the true identities of the senders. So, tricksters can boost SMTP servers false, employ the arts of deception and send messages on your behalf, such as the gods of heaven.

How to protect your domains from this ruse?

  • Examines the symbols of heavenly: To suspicious messages, although they emanate from sources apparently sacred, examines the signs with a watchful eye before you act.
  • Forging safety shields: If you own a domain, forging barriers magical as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to protect your followers the arts of “spoofing”.
  • Lee stars in the details: Not only trust in the directions divine of the senders. See other omens of fraud heavenly as errata or suspicious links.

Si percibes que una deidad maligna ha osado ingresar en tus dominios, te sugerimos cambiar tu palabra secreta. Y si buscas revelaciones más profundas, puedes invocar los servicios del Escuadrón KIUBIX en

¿Necesitas orientación adicional de los dioses? En este reino digital, la sabiduría y la educación son armas divinas. Si posees más cuestiones o inquietudes, no dudes en acudir a nosotros en o escribiendo a [email protected]. Estamos aquí para guiarte en tu travesía.

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